Gulf Oil achieves savings and efficiency with UpsideLMS

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Business Need

To achieve its business objectives, Gulf Oil conceived its own learning academy called 'Gulf Oil Learning & Development (GOLD) Academy'. The objective of the GOLD Academy was to implement a robust, scalable learning platform that could be used to expand and simplify the access to learning resources, and deliver induction, compliance and competency training to its employees worldwide in an efficient and cost-effective way, matching global standards.

  1. Management of induction, compliance and competency training for employees
  2. Anytime, anywhere, any device access
  3. HRIS + LMS integration
  4. LMS + PMS integration
  5. Off-the-shelf elearning of multi-lingual, device agnostic, html5 courses and videos on diverse topics sourced from UpsideLMS
  6. High scalability