We are
ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certified.

Leadership Team

Amit Gautam is a visionary leader in learning technology, renowned for his innovative and entrepreneurial approach to redefining organizational learning approaches.

Chief Sales Officer

Vivek has over 20 years of experience in direct sales, institutional sales, and partner management in enterprise software solutions.

President - Products (New)

Sandeep is the tech maestro behind our learning technology solutions.

Chief Customer Officer

Ganesh is a strategic thinker and practical achiever who believes the best business solutions are those that yield measurable customer outcomes.

AVP - Client Relationships

Rajesh is a dynamic leader known for his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to fostering strong client partnerships.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mugdha embodies the "human" in HR, bringing vibrancy, understanding, and passion to the workplace.

AVP - Visual Design

Ritesh is a visionary in UI and UX design, shaping UpsideLMS's visual identity.

President - IT & InfoSec

Priyabrata breaks all stereotypes with his vibrant personality and exceptional IT leadership.

Chief Finance Officer

Sandeep brings extensive experience in Finance, Accounts, Taxation, and Audit to Invince, ensuring effective management.