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APIs & Integration

Powerful by itself, UpsideLMS gives you more bang for your buck, while reducing the manual efforts, by seamlessly integrating with a bunch of apps, tools and systems.

With UpsideLMS, gain access to the extensive range of course content offered by Udemy.

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UpsideLMS offers easy access to Skillsoft’s immersive learning platform Percipio for a rich multi-modal content experience.

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Salesforce CRM integration for user account creation on UpsideLMS using 'Create/ Update User in LMS' REST API and SSO for users accessing UpsideLMS from Salesforce.com.

Ready integration for Zoom, the leading modern enterprise video communication tool for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars, commonly used for Virtual Classroom Training.

Ready integration with WebEx, the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing and web conferencing, commonly used for Virtual Classroom Training.

Ready integration with GoToMeeting, a web conferencing software for online collaboration in real time, commonly used for Virtual Classroom Training.

Ready integration for MS Teams, the leading modern enterprise video communication tool for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars, commonly used for Virtual Classroom Training.

UpsideLMS' in-built ecommerce engine is pre-integrated with PayPal, a secure online payment system for buying/ selling training content through the LMS.

UpsideLMS' in-built ecommerce engine is pre-integrated with eway, a secure online omnichannel payment system for buying/ selling training content through the LMS.

UpsideLMS integrates with M-Pesa, a mobile phone-based money transfer service, payments and micro-financing service for buying/ selling training content through the LMS.

UpsideLMS is powered with SAML 2.0 SSO and can act as a Service Provider (SP) through SAML 2.0 (Secure Assertion Markup Language), which allows exchanging of authorisation data between UpsideLMS (SP) and the Identity Provider (IdP) for: Oracle Identity Management, Pingfederate, Microsoft Azure AD, OneLogin, Salesforce.

UpsideLMS also has its own Single Sign On and can act as a Service Provider (SP) enabling exchanging of authorisation data between UpsideLMS (SP) and the Identity Provider (IdP).

Allows users to seamlessly sign in to UpsideLMS using OneLogin SSO.

Allows users to seamlessly sign in to UpsideLMS using Microsoft Azure AD credentials.

Allows users to seamlessly sign in to UpsideLMS using Oracle Identity Management.

Allows users to seamlessly sign in to UpsideLMS using PingFederate.

Integration with DarwinBox using 'Scheduled User Update', a new-age cloud HR Management Suite for managing the entire employee life cycle including employee engagement, talent management and people analytics.

UpsideLMS can be integrated with People Soft HRMS so that all changes in the HR system are automatically updated in the LMS using a 'Scheduled User Update' process.

UpsideLMS can be integrated with your in-house, custom HRIS so that all changes in the HR system are automatically updated in the LMS using a 'Scheduled User Update' process.

UpsideLMS is the best LMS for training companies. Training Companies can easily integrate the 'Training Catalog' in UpsideLMS with their website's catalog page through a 'Catalog' REST API so that individuals can go through the details and purchase the training program of their choice directly from the website.

Details of an individual registering for any training program on a Training Company's website are sent to UpsideLMS through a 'Create/ Update User in LMS' REST API leading to automatic creation of the user's profile in the LMS.

For Training Companies selling training content on their websites, the purchased course(s) is/are automatically assigned to the user within UpsideLMS through automatic 'Curriculum Assignment' REST API, making UpsideLMS the best LMS for selling courses.

Option for Site Manager and Portal-level Administrators to upload videos directly on the Amazon S3 server or provide the links for the already uploaded videos in the standard Video module in UpsideLMS.

Integration with DarwinBox using 'Scheduled User Update', a new-age cloud HR Management Suite for managing the entire employee life cycle including employee engagement, talent management and people analytics.

Unlimited access to BizLibrary's multi-device, micro-learning online training library containing more than 6,500 video lessons and courses on a diverse range of topics through UpsideLMS.

UpsideLMS can be integrated with SAP so that all changes in the ERP system are automatically updated in the LMS using a 'Scheduled User Update' process.

LinkedIn's wide range of eLearning can be delivered through UpsideLMS.

UpsideLMS provides redirection to The Ken (an Indian business news website) for a seamless reading experience.

Our work speaks for itself.

We started working with UpsideLMS in 2016 and our experience of working has been nothing but impeccable. Right from the promptness of their customer support to the readiness in accommodating our requirements, UpsideLMS has always offered their services. The streamlined and tailored approach, integrated into the development and execution of the platform makes it unique. With UpsideLMS, we were able to launch a unique platform, which delivered content in Hindi, across two different states of India. It was a complete joy to have worked with UpsideLMS and would definitely recommend them to other similar institutions.
Programme Cordinator
Tideworks Technology, Inc. has experienced exponential growth in our company and customer base by providing innovative products and services, and an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success. One thing is certain, we live in an on-demand world, and learning management is no exception. We strongly believe that every employee, customer, business partner, and vendor deserve access to high quality training. The learning management system from UpsideLMS is a key differentiator, greatly enhancing Tideworks’ brand while providing a robust platform to enable us to deliver on our training objectives. We were drawn to UpsideLMS initially because their products and services exceeded all our requirements. During our engagement we learned that in addition to a wonderful product, UpsideLMS is a remarkable company full of incredibly talented, responsive, and innovative employees who are leaders in every aspect of the learning technology space. Tideworks Technology, Inc. is thrilled to partner with the UpsideLMS team.
Mark A. Barry
Sr. Knowledge Management Analyst
We have been associated with UpsideLMS and it has been a great experience working with them. Their entire team has been very supportive in understanding our needs and giving their best to incorporate it into the system, especially the Project Manager, who has been extremely patient, responsive, devout and a pure pleasure to work with. UpsideLMS is a very simple and user-friendly platform, and we’re looking forward to a long-term association with them.
Sunandha Govindan
Talent Development - HR
Going with UpsideLMS has proven to be a great decision for us! Model N had very specific requirements for our customer-facing LMS and UpsideLMS checked all the boxes while being quite cost-effective. Of particular importance are their customer-friendly pricing options that really made it easy for us to manage our costs while supporting and enabling our scalability. Implementation was quick and smooth, and the UpsideLMS team was responsive, knowledgeable and highly-skilled. UpsideLMS’ leadership has approached our relationship as a true partner and they continue to impress me with their ability not only to listen to and understand our strategic needs, but also to take steps to help us realize our strategic vision for customer education using the UpsideLMS platform. By choosing UpsideLMS, we have been able to create a SaaS customer learning product which sets up our customers for great success in the use of Model N software products, across their entire customer journey.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Matt Adlai-Gail
Director of (customer) Education
UpsideLMS is so user friendly that all you need is common sense and an urge to learn and you can be the master of the domain. UpsideLMS has so many things to offer to the learners, the administrators, instructors alike; you can upload courses, videos, tests and even make them prompt based. The entire UpsideLMS team is extraordinarily talented, right from the Senior Management to the Support staff. Thank you Team UpsideLMS for your product, service, and most importantly your companionship. You are all appreciated beyond words.
Asra Fatima
Compilance Awareness
A Big 'Thank You' to the UpsideLMS team for the amazing support and truckful of patience. We couldn't have started this journey without the Sales team having taken the time and effort to understand our business model and limitations and proposing the solution to address our needs within the defined limitations. The PM and Training team has been patient, supportive, responsive to our requests and queries (even on weekends). The positive 'yes, we can do' attitude has got us going on our first milestone. We look forward to a long-term profitable collaboration with the team.
Chirodip Basu Roy
In 2014, we had the pleasure of meeting Upside at a conference. A comparative analysis of UpsideLMS against 7 other LMS vendors resulted in a unanimous decision to select UpsideLMS. And what a great decision it has been for us! We are happy and satisfied, first and foremost, with its team members who have been have extremely responsive with their on-time communication; be it in the times of data migration, incident resolution or otherwise. We are also grateful to Upside, for providing us with a platform that's friendly, flexible and comprehensive, which has allowed us to leverage different learning methodologies and reach out our workforce. For our learners, too, the learning has never been so easy and enjoyable. MITlearning is growing successfully with Upside as our partner. We truly appreciate the excellence and support provided by UpsideLMS.
Susibel Perigault
Training & Development Manager
From short listing 3 out of 14 LMS vendors before zeroing in on UpsideLMS till today, it's been a very rewarding 2 year journey for us. We have grown from a single portal (for India) to a global scale now, encompassing South East Asia and Central Americas too, officially empanelling UpsideLMS with Gulf Oil International. Enabling this growth is UpsideLMS' multi-portal and multi-lingual support, along with the UpsideLMS team, which, through the journey, has been thorough in its understanding and has provided alternatives to resolve our requirements at each step. Further, the platform's AGILE designing and development methodology has brought about technologically advanced LMS versions, allowing us access to enhanced features and capabilities at all times. We have recently extended UpsideLMS, beyond employee training, to our 3rd party business partners across the world too. We truly appreciate the services provided by UpsideLMS and look forward to a long association.
Anita Chhabria
Senior Manager International Hr, Gulf Oil
Red Scout is one of the fastest growing online training businesses for the beauty industry and needed a partner like Upside who have a learning portal that looks good and enables us to extend the beauty industry 'image expectations' into the learning space for beauty advisors. We also needed a learning portal that had intuitive navigation to ensure the front line sales staff could access and complete their online training easily and with confidence.
Simone Padersen
Managing Director
I have been pleasantly surprised with the speed and ease of deployment. The quality of Upside’s project management and implementation team made the geographical distance between us a non-issue. The system has been rock-solid since launch and allowed us to concentrate on the quality and content of the courses.
Phil Fryer
EMEA Head Of I.T
At Dillon Productions our blue–chip clients have always expected and received the highest standards in regard to content development through our bespoke video training solutions. It was imperative for us that we could partner up with an LMS provider that was as innovative in their approach to deliver cutting edge solutions as we are. Our core principles are built on innovation and flexibility and being able to react to our clients needs rapidly. To that end, our relationship to date with Upside Learning has been the perfect marriage.
James Dillon
In today's fast changing business world where almost all industries are characterised by high velocity environments, it is important that organisation don't just invest in learning programs, but provide anytime, anywhere access to the learning via the internet. Our partnership with Upside Learning enables us to do just that deliver ILM qualification courses online to organisation, thereby giving them full control over the place, time and pace of the training, as well as having more cost flexibility.
Luide Meah
eLearning Project Manager
BridgeFront has partnered with Upside Learning for the past 4 years, for course development, learning management system maintenance, and most recently in the complete redevelopment of our learning management system. Outsourcing to Upside has allowed BridgeFront to focus on its core competencies, while relieving the need to create a large technical team inside our firm. Upside has scaled to whatever our needs are at any specific moment, allowing us to hit our technical targets every time. BridgeFront is growing exponentially with Upside as our partner.
Kent Lane
Chief Operations Officer
Yellow Room Learning has been growing steadily over the past year and we required a Learning Management System that would grow with us. As we increase our client base there is a need to serve our customers with a secure, reliable and flexible system that allows us to deliver our learning material. UpsideLMS seemed the logical solution for us and having now been using it for a number of months we are confident that the right decision was made.
Ben Hancock
Managing Director
Over the last few years working with Upside, ISS has embraced their LMS platform and custom-built content at a local, national and international level. We are now using the LMS in a number of countries across the world, managing on-job training delivery and record-keeping while making full use of Upside's enthusiastic content design team to support our move towards device-agnostic e-learning at both white-collar and frontline levels. In addition to being excellent value for money, some of Upside's key strengths are their flexibility and willingness to work with their clients to really understand their needs. Having worked with both their application and content teams on major projects, we now have a tailored solution in place that helps us meet training and compliance requirements in a number of industries.
Dan Bennett
Group Learning & Development Manager
MITCOI has been associated with Upside for more than four years now. It has been a wonderful experience working with them. Their promptness in solving issues during critical periods has helped us in keeping our systems in order and our customers happy. I wish them all the best for their future ventures.
Susheel Kumar Pandhu
Dy. Director
During the period the LMS has been implemented and put to use, we have had a good experience. The support team set up by Upside Learning to manage and run the system has been very responsive and quick to carry out our needs/resolve minor issues to ensure a smooth and efficient running of the system. Overall we have had a good experience with the UpsideLMS so far and we hope to make more effective use of it by bringing in more educative e-learning courses to aid and improve the effectiveness of our sales force in reaching our products to the investor community.
S. Ganesh
Sr. Vice President Dept. Of Sales & Marketing
Having a Learning Management System tailored to our specific needs gives us the ability to run an airport that ensures safety, efficiency, and quality to all of our employees and travelers. By incorporating UpsideLMS into our day–to–day management, we are confident that the airport will continue to uphold the finest standards in the industry.
Jake Ruddle
Director of (customer) Education
Charles Bloe Training has used the services of Upside Learning for several years to develop a portfolio of online healthcare education programmes. We had previously used the services of a UK based company. However, since entrusting our developments to Upside Learning we have received a first class service. They nominate a contact who is always responsive and attentive to our needs. The value for money is excellent.
Charles Bloe
Managing Director And Clinical Lead
When the time came for us to choose a provider to build and launch our LMS we needed a business that understood our unique requirements for a learning platform that would allow us to deliver a better training experience for our teams but also understood the power of social media and social learning to help us connect our communities across multiple sites and build a collaborative learning culture. After considering a number of providers, we ultimately chose Upside because of their ability to identify and champion these requirements whilst also offering strong technical support post-launch. This was clearly demonstrated in each touch point of our relationship as Upside worked with us to build a unique solution. In addition to this Upside offered great value overall compared to its peers in the market making our decision on who to partner with a very easy one!
Peter Madden
National Learning & Development Manager